Local cuisine

Local cuisine

Discover the wonderful range of cuisine offered by Granollers

In Granollers you can try a high quality varied cuisine based on a combination of traditional Catalan cooking and fresh touches of young, innovative and creative gastronomy. The city’s establishments are famous for their hearty breakfasts, which are highly recommended. According to tradition, every Thursday, market day, farmers, traders and their clients used to get together to close deals and discuss the issues of the day while filling their stomachs.

Gastronomía de Granollers

The dessert of Granollers

Since 1994, the Rajol has been a typical dessert for the city’s annual festival or Festa Major. It’s made with pastry and cocoa spread and stuffed with truffle and hazelnut praline. It can be found in the city’s patisserie shops, especially during the Festa Major at the end of August.



Hearty breakfasts

The famous hearty breakfasts are quite a tradition in the city and county and highly recommended for all visitors. They come from the customary breakfasts enjoyed by farmers and merchants to close their deals, especially on Thursdays, market day, and the tradition has survived up to the present day.


Here are some of the dishes that can be found in a good hearty breakfast: capipota (pork stew), fricandó (beef stew with mushrooms), stuffed calamari, pigs’ trotters and botifarra sausage with haricot beans, among others.


Where do they serve these hearty breakfasts?


The Fonda Europa in Granollers, run by the same family since 1771, is Catalonia’s oldest hotel establishment and, together with other restaurants in the city, is renowned for its hearty breakfasts.


Several famous people have frequented this establishment, such as Picasso, Dalí, Tàpies and Miró, and great writers have left evidence of their visits, such as Cela, Pla and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.

Productos de Palou

Productes de Palou

The “Productes de Palou“ brand distinguishes foods from Palou, in Granollers, that are made respecting people’s health and the environment.

These are high quality products with a local flavour and tradition and include vegetables, legumes, organic chicken and milk, as well as other products.

Productes de Palou