The Vallès Oriental region at your own place

The Vallès Oriental region at your own place

We propose 12 routes to explore the region, at your own pace, while you reconnect with your #wellbeing in the Vallès Oriental.

The Vallès Oriental region boasts a wide range of resources and proposals, including 6 protected natural areas, thermal springs, local shopping, Modernist towns, more than 1,000km of signposted paths, products with certificate of origin (DO), cultural heritage, fairs, traditional festivals and much more!


Route 1. Mogent Valley and Serralada Litoral Park

Route of the Alella DO wine, archaeological sites from different eras, and nature. Hills and wines brimming with history.




Route 2. Mogent Valley and Serralada Litoral Park

Prehistoric route, golf course, DO Alella wine route, La Roca Village. From the stone age to boutique-shopping days.



Route 3. Congost Valley. Besòs and Gallecs rural area

The two largest cities in the region, local shops, museums, Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. For the most rural urbanites, the sweet-toothed fine diners and the adrenaline junkies.



Route 4. Congost Valley and Montseny Natural Park

Fairs and markets selling local produce; nature, Modernism, hydrotherapy. Relaxing walks along paths and through markets.



Route 5. Congost Valley and Montseny Natural Park

Nature, architectural heritage, Modernism.

Summer residence nature, valley Modernism.

Route 6. Tenes Valley - Bertí Cliffs

Sant Miquel del Fai, Modernism, nature, fairs and festivals of local produce, km0 producers. Valleys and cliffs that hide treasures.




Route 7. Tenes Valley

Ice wells, Cluster craft beer, food and drink, monumental Nativity scene. Enjoyable walks and meals beside rivers and ice wells.



Route 8. Bertí cliffs and Caldes river

Hydrotherapy, architectural heritage, nature, Cim d’Àligues bird sanctuary. Discover the birds, paths and thermal springs the Romans discovered here.



Route 9. Valley of the Mogent river and Montnegre - Corredor Park

La Torrassa, nature, Pedra Gentil dolmen. History-filled ruins and nature



Route 10. Baix Montseny- Montseny Natural Park

Modernism, nature, architectural heritage, markets, Iberian sites and Modernist buildings at the foot of the Montseny


Route 11. Montseny National Park and Baix Montseny

Bike tourism, nature, Circ Cric circus, cow bell exhibition, the magical circus world of nature and clowns


Route 12. Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve

Nature immersion, km0 cuisine and surprising heritage.

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