Health Resorts and Spas

Health Resorts and Spas

Relax and pamper yourself with the wellness options we recommend near Granollers


Thermalism has been a part of the Vallès Oriental district since ancient times. The efficacy of wellness tourism can be seen in the different spa proposals on offer, from the most advanced therapies to resting, meditation, yoga, or healthy gastronomy.

Caldes de Montbui Spa

The county of the Vallès Oriental is famous for its large selection of spas and health centres thanks to the wonderful properties of its thermal springs.


This region has been renowned for its thermal springs since ancient times. The qualities of the thermal water are highly appreciated for their health-enhancing properties.

Close to Granollers you can find a wide range of spas and health centres using different techniques and relaxation programmes.


Take advantage of our thermal springs, let yourself be pampered, relax and enjoy a wonderful massage or sauna session.

Spa Granollers

Health Resorts and Spas near Granollers