Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is famous the world over for the many times it has hosted the most important races such as F1 (Formula 1) and MotoGP.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is one of the major tourist attractions of Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia. This circuit, which is only 10 minutes from Granollers, offers a wide variety of events and experiences for all fans of motor sports.


Granollers becomes the ideal place if you want to be close to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Granollers has a wide range of leisure activities and experience in hosting the thousands of motor racing enthusiasts who visit the town with the intention of attending the race track.


Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is famous the world over for the many times it has hosted the most important races such as F1 (Formula 1) and MotoGP.


Its location, 30 km from the city of Barcelona, makes it easy to get to the track using a variety of transport. The countryside surrounding the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is unbeatable. It’s located in Montmeló, just 10 minutes from the city of Granollers. So if you come to see the race track, visiting its surrounding area can also be a great opportunity to enjoy all the tourist attractions offered by the towns and cities on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Grand Prix races at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has hosted some of the most important races in the world since it was first opened in 1991. The first race hosted by the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was just five days after its inauguration: The Spanish Touring Car Championship. The F1 Grand Prix was the first world class championship held here, on the 29th of September. The following year, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya hosted the MotoGP Championship for the very first time. Both the F1 and MotoGP Grand Prix have been the competitions that have brought Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya the most fame and prestige as both championships have been hosted since they started.



However, in addition to these championships, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has also hosted the following motor racing competitions:

Formula 1, GP2 Series, GP3 Series, Porsche Supercup.

Moto GP, Moto2, Moto3.

International GT Open, EuroFormula Open, Formula V8 3.5.

Spanish Endurance Championship, Catalan Speed Championship.

24-Hour Catalunya Motorcycling, 24-Hour Barcelona Motorcycling.

Barcelona FIA World Rallycross.

V de V Endurance Series.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Tourist activities and experiences: Renting the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

If you're passionate about the world of motor racing, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya offers a selection of activities and experiences including the hiring of sports cars... and getting to know, first-hand, what it feels like to drive on a track famous for its competitions and the motor racing world.   Would you like to have a driving experience you'll never forget? The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya offers a wide range of opportunities to make your dream come true:
Conducción GT

GT driving

Drive the cars you’ve always wanted to try. Hire a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche… and put your foot down for an adrenaline-filled experience. Beauty, power, historic cars and high performance. Everything a motor enthusiast has always wanted to drive.

Escuela RAC

RAC School

The Circuit is also a driving school. You can choose between different types of driving to perfect your skill.


From safe driving lessons, where you learn the basic concepts of safety at the wheel, how to react appropriately in situations such as aquaplaning and skidding… and even how to drive a Formula 1 single-seater. All the courses will improve your knowledge of driving. If you’d like to go beyond what you learned with your driving instructor, visit the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

  • The Circuit offers the following driving courses:
  • Safe driving courses.
  • Safe motorbike riding courses.
  • Off-road 4×4.
  • Formulas.
  • Drifting.
  • Rally.

Incentive days

Much more than just driving! The Circuit also has other activities focusing on more creative, cosmopolitan and innovative experiences. It has a large number of options in addition to the usual races, such as virtual driving, helicopter flights, blind driving…

Roccos Ranch

Off Road - Rocco

Are you more dirt than tarmac? Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has an “off road” track for fans of dirt racing and trials. A group of professionals led by rider Ricky Cardús will teach you how to ride a Motocross bike.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Racing Tests

This activity is for competition teams only. Sports teams can hire the track to train on an international circuit, with a unique and internationally renowned layout.



Take your car or motorbike to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and… become a racing driver! With this experience you become the star of the track. Test your driving skills with your own car or motorbike in a very safe environment.


Bicircuit sessions

Leave the engine behind and get on a bicycle to ride and train on the straights and bends of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The healthy way to calmly enjoy the circuit.

Visita guiada Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Guided tours

Guided tours are a way of discovering every corner of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. For just €10 you can enjoy a guided tour by an expert who’ll take you to the podium, press room, boxes… and explain everything involved in holding a day of competition.

Accommodation close to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

If you're thinking of staying over near Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya or you're looking for a restaurant, bar or supermarket... then Granollers is the perfect choice. It's only 10 minutes from the Circuit so access and transport is ideal.   We invite you to visit Granollers when you come to see Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya!
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya