The RocaUmbert Thermal Power Plant



The newly created museum at the Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant invites visitors of all ages to lose themselves in an immersive space where they can explore the historical, industrial, social and cultural past of the Roca Umbert factory, built in the town of Granollers (Barcelona) by Josep Umbert i Ventura (1844-1917) in 1904 as an extension of the one founded five years earlier in Sant Feliu de Codines, also in the province of Barcelona.

Before closing its doors in 1991 the factory lived through some turbulent times, surviving major historical events such as the Spanish Civil War which saw the destruction of many of its facilities, the business boom of the 1950s and the crisis that struck the textile sector in the 1970s.

But talking about the Roca Umbert factory also means looking at energy and sustainability, as one of its most important milestones was the construction of the Thermal Power Plant in 1951, which was able to cover all its energy needs. This helps the public to understand that many of the solutions that were developed here, for example with a view to saving energy and becoming self-sufficient, have strong parallels with present-day objectives regarding the transition to clean, renewable, safe and affordable energies that will make it possible to reverse the impact of climate change and the energy crisis. And what’s more, the interpretation centre at the Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant shares the factory space with the contemporary artistic creativity of the Arts Factory, and is linked to the rest of the city thanks to urban routes such as the ‘chimney route’, and the ‘Walls that Speak’ project, the work of prestigious artists.

 The Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant is a member of the Industrial Tourism Network of Catalonia (XATIC) and the Territorial System of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC).

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